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I loved th flash. i blammed it. jk 5

your gonna go far, for sure

Thanks. That means a lot.

Welcome to Newgrounds! Looking forward to anything you've got in the oven.

You sir are awsom welcome to the mad house XD enjoy your stay :3

Loved your first Flash and i hope your second ones even better ^^ great quality flash for your first one btw

ha ironically i just watched your flash, funny XD
with what kinda flash it was i thought you were one of those artists that have awesome stuff but only get one thing on the frontpage after like, years lol
first one? you HAD TO have came from somewhere else dude

I used to lurk here a few years back and enjoyed flash but never really got into it until now.

hi ldm :)
you gotta make moar man
that was great

I love your style. I like your humor. And I enjoy your taste in music. I'll be keeping my eye out for more of your work.

WHOA!!!!! You seriously just joined NG? wows!!!! That is amazing! You are so gonna be the new awesome flash animator everyone talks about. If you need any help on ideas i'd love to be of assistance, my animation skills are horrible so I can't make much. But I do make comedy/funny things on yt. But either way. Good luck! Pfft as if you need it, you are so gonna be up there!

Awesome new animator that everyone talks about? That's kind of pushing it, haha. That'd be nice though.


dw mr. Fannelson~!

i found the song~~

thanks for your epicness~!

keep it up okie~?

dude your awesome so much success with your 1st kick ass flash.

At least you can upload your work. I dont have the right video format to enter my cartoons in newgrounds...
but yeah great work on your first vid!!! it was funny

NP dude that Video was Genious LOL!

You sir..........Will do fantastic in NG's :) BTW.....How'd you get sooo good.....You must of came from some kinda animation school or somethin'. Another BTW Your profile pic kinda looks like The vault boy from fallout....Not like he totally looks like him...

Animation school? Nope! I've never taken any type of class like that. I just animate for fun when I'm bored.

Yeah, I was playing New Vegas and I couldn't help but to draw in a similar style.

MAKE MOAR!!!11!!!!!1!!

Im sure that you have many, many more awesome things to offer. EXTRORDANARY FIRST FLASH!!!

Its so great to see some new animators around here especially one as nice as you! good luck, not that your going to need it.

You sir, have two things:
Great animating skills and a good sense of humor.
Those two things will get you very far on newgrounds.

i luw u<3

oh and ur flash was goud 2

You rule dude, although you also got that song stuck in my head.
I see more Daily Awards in your future.

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